We connect and build communities and help people learn from each other. Everyone has the right to improve their circumstances and people learn best through social connection and engagement.

We utilise the strengths of our members to provide ways for people to connect, grow and succeed. Our services are accessible by all, in group and individual contexts, using a pay-what-you-can model that ensures access for all.

Currently we provide tutoring for school students, IT clubs and in-home IT support.


Our face-to-face options reach across the Cabonne Shire, Orange regions and Moss Vale and the Southern Highlands. Our online options are available to everyone!


Everyone should be able to access quality education because this is the only means through which we improve our circumstances. This is why we do not set a standard fee for any of our services. We ask that you pay what you can afford at the time and what you think is reasonable.


Plain and simple.

We do offer suggestions for our services, but these are only a guide. We understand that cirumstances can change quickly, sometimes you might be able to pay more and other weeks things might be a bit more tight.


Education relies on a strong community and is a shared responsibility. If you find yourself in a position to pay a little more sometimes, that means you are helping out another person who might be struggling.


Face - to - Face

  • Fortnightly group tutoring centre (high school & primary school)

  • Monthy Tech Club (focused workshops designed for people of all ages)

  • In-home IT support


  • Individual targeted tuition

  • Assessment Task feedback